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Learn about the condition of your home by scheduling a detailed inspection.

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Make sure you get the most money out of your home by scheduling a pre-listing inspection.

second opinion home inspection in Louisville, KY

Get a second opinion on the state of your home.

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Make your job easier by arranging for home inspection services.

Do You Know What Condition Your Home Is In?

Hire a home inspector in Louisville, KY

Whether you're buying a home or preparing to put a home on the market, you need to have the home inspected thoroughly. My New Kentucky Home Inspections LLC is a home inspection company in Louisville, KY working with homeowners, home-buyers and Realtors.

Our inspections services include standard home inspections, re-check inspections, and pre-listing inspections. Contact us today at 502-744-1200 to set up home inspection services.

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If you're looking for a trusted home inspector in the city of Louisville, KY or in the surrounding areas, look no further than My New Kentucky Home Inspections. You can count on us for comprehensive home inspection services. Reach out to us today!



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